Ontology: Techno Order

Division 07 of International Standard Industrial Classifications of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Rev.4 includes mining for metallic minerals (ores), performed through underground or open-cast extraction, seabed mining etc. Also included are ore dressing and beneficiating operations, such as crushing, grinding, washing, drying, sintering, calcining or leaching ore, gravity separation or flotation operations.

This division excludes manufacturing activities such as the roasting of iron pyrites (see
class 2011), the production of aluminium oxide (see class 2420) and the operation of blast
furnaces (see classes 2410 and 2420).

The division includes these groups and classes:

071 Mining of iron ores

See class 0710

072 Mining of non-ferrous metal ores

This group includes the mining of non-ferrous metal ores

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This class in the classification of its order

The (ontological) order of #isic07 - Mining of metal ores is the Techno Order.