Class 1020 of Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG) includes …
  • Provision of social protection in the form of cash benefits and benefits in kind against the risks linked to old age (loss of income, inadequate income, lack of independence in carrying out daily tasks, reduced participation in social and community life, etc.);
  • administration, operation or support of such social protection schemes;
  • cash benefits, such as old-age pensions paid to persons on reaching the standard retirement age, anticipated old-age pensions paid to older workers who retire before the standard retirement age, partial retirement pensions paid either before or after the standard retirement age to older workers who continue working but reduce their working hours, care allowances, other periodic or lump-sum payments paid upon retirement or on account of old age;
  • benefits in kind, such as lodging and sometimes board provided to elderly persons either in specialized institutions or staying with families in appropriate establishments, assistance provided to elderly persons to help them with daily tasks (home help, transport facilities etc.), allowances paid to the person who looks after an elderly person, miscellaneous services and goods provided to elderly persons to enable them to participate in leisure and cultural activities or to travel or to participate in community life.

Includes: pension schemes for military personnel and for government employees.

Excludes: early retirement benefits paid to older workers who retire before reaching standard retirement age due to disability (#cofog1012 - Disability (IS)) or unemployment (#cofog1050 - Unemployment (IS)).

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This class in the classification of its order

The (ontological) order of #cofog1020 - Old age (IS) is the Techno Order.