Class 0442 of Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG) includes …
  • Administration of manufacturing affairs and services; development, expansion or improvement of manufacturing; supervision and regulation of the establishment and operation of manufacturing plants; liaison with manufacturers' associations and other organizations interested in manufacturing affairs and services;
  • production and dissemination of general information, technical documentation and statistics on manufacturing activities and manufactured products;
  • grants, loans or subsidies to support manufacturing enterprises.

Includes: inspection of manufacturing premises for conformity with safety regulations, protection of consumers against dangerous products, etc.

Excludes: affairs and services concerning the coal processing industry (#cofog0431 - Coal and other solid mineral fuels (CS)), the petroleum refinery industry (#cofog0432 - Petroleum and natural gas (CS)) or the nuclear fuel industry (#cofog0433 - Nuclear fuel (CS)).

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This class in the classification of its order

The (ontological) order of #cofog0442 - Manufacturing (CS) is the Techno Order.