Class 0423 of Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG) includes …

This class covers both commercial fishing and hunting, and fishing and hunting for sport. The fishing and hunting affairs and services listed below refer to activities that take place outside natural parks and reserves.

  • Administration of fishing and hunting affairs and services; protection, propagation and rationalized exploitation of fish and wildlife stocks; supervision and regulation of freshwater fishing, coastal fishing, ocean fishing, fish farming, wildlife hunting and issuance of fishing and hunting licences;
  • operation or support of fish hatcheries, extension services, stocking or culling activities, etc.;
  • production and dissemination of general information, technical documentation and statistics on fishing and hunting affairs and services;
  • grants, loans or subsidies to support commercial fishing and hunting activities, including the construction or operation of fish hatcheries.

Excludes: control of offshore and ocean fishing (#cofog0310 - Police services (CS)); administration, operation or support of natural parks and reserves (#cofog0540 - Protection of biodiversity and landscape (CS)).

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This class in the classification of its order

The (ontological) order of #cofog0423 - Fishing and hunting (CS) is the Techno Order.