A business role is defined as a named specific behaviour of a business actor participating in a given context. The actor performs the behaviour of the role.

A business role can be fulfilled by more than one business actor. Conversely, a business actor may fulfil more than one business role. For example, given a named teacher, their roles may include those in the domains.

A business role will usually exist in an organisation whether or not a given actor fulfils it or not.

A business role may be assigned to one or more business processes or business functions. A business interface or an application interface may be used by a business role, while a business interface may be part of a business role (composition relationship).

The name of a business role should preferably be a noun.

Category: Business Layer and Active structure aspect

Examples: Customer, Insurer, Student, Lecturer, Administrator, Buyer.

Typical Relationships:

  • Assignment - business process, business function
  • Used By - business interface, application interface

Source: Archi - The Free ArchiMate Modelling Tool - Hint for the model element.

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