Class 8599 - Other information and support services n.e.c. of Central Product Classification (CPC) Version 2.1 includes these subclasses:

85991 Other information services

This subclass includes:

  • telephone-based information services
  • information search services
  • news clipping services, press clipping services etc.

This subclass does not include:

85999 Other support services n.e.c.

This subclass includes:

  • business brokerage and appraisal services other than for real estate
  • business services of intermediaries and brokers
  • specialist advice other than for real estate, insurance and engineering (specialist services in art, specialist services for courts of law, etc.)
  • services by agencies and agents on behalf of individuals seeking engagements in motion pictures, theatrical productions, modelling or other entertainment or sports attractions
  • placement of books, plays, artwork, photographs, etc., with publishers, producers, etc.
  • issue of reduced-price coupons and gift stamps
  • management services for copyrights and their revenues (except from films)
  • management services for rights to industrial property (patents, licences, trademarks, franchises, etc.)
  • auctioning services other than in connection with legal procedures
  • reading of electric, gas and water meters
  • data preparation services
  • specialized stenotype services such as court reporting
  • public stenography services
  • other business support services not elsewhere classified

This subclass does not include:

Product of: any of these:

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