Class 8431 - On-line text based information of Central Product Classification (CPC) Version 2.1 includes these subclasses:

84311 On-line books

This subclass includes:

  • on-line books, including school textbooks, general reference books, such as atlases and other books of maps or charts, dictionaries and encyclopedias

84312 On-line newspapers and periodicals

This subclass includes:

  • publications issued on the Internet where the main content is updated at fixed intervals, usually on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; whether on subscription or single copy sales
  • portions of newspapers such as headlines e-mailed daily or more frequently
  • periodic newsletters

This subclass does not include:

84313 On-line directories and mailing lists

This subclass includes:

  • on-line directories and mailing lists, including telephone books
  • other on-line collections of facts/information (databases)

This subclass does not include:

Product of: #isic5811 - Book publishing, #isic5813 - Publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals, #isic5812 - Publishing of directories and mailing lists
Coding hashtag: #cpc8431

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The (ontological) order of #cpc8431 - On-line text based information is the Techno Order.