Class 8393 - Scientific and technical consulting services n.e.c. of Central Product Classification (CPC) Version 2.1 includes these subclasses:

83931 Environmental consulting services

This subclass includes:

  • environmental assessments, i.e. objective studies undertaken for any one or more of the following purposes: identify whether or not environmental contamination exists at a particular site, and if so determined, the source, nature, and extent of the contamination; assess the risk to public safety and health from environmental contamination associated with a project that is proposed or in place; evaluate the impact on the ecology or economy of environmental changes resulting from human or natural activities
  • environmental audits, i.e. independent assessment of the current status of a party's compliance with applicable environmental requirements or of a party's environmental compliance policies, practices and controls
  • site remediation planning services, i.e. preparation of plans for the abatement of environmental contamination, usually at a specific site, that incorporate such technical or other requirements as may be prescribed by law or regulation
  • evaluation of environmental studies, i.e. provision of analysis that explains the strengths or weaknesses of an environmental study and provides the basis for alternative judgments. The evaluation of environmental studies may also include an analysis of future responses to environmental regulators
  • natural resource management consulting, i.e. provision of objective information, advice, or guidance concerning the best practices for ecologically sustainable development and use of: land; forests; bodies of water; gas, oil, and mineral deposits; wildlife populations and other natural resources
  • waste management consulting, i.e. provision of objective information, advice, or guidance concerning the best practices for the minimization, transport, handling, disposal and/or recycling of waste
  • environmental policy development consulting, i.e. advising public or private institutions on the design, development and implementation of environmental statutes, regulations, standards, or practices
  • other environmental consulting services n.e.c.

83939 Other scientific and technical consulting services n.e.c.

This subclass includes:

  • scientific consulting services from mathematicians, statisticians, etc.

Product of: #isic7490 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
Coding hashtag: #cpc8393

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