Class 8323 - Landscape architectural services and advisory services of Central Product Classification (CPC) Version 2.1

This class includes:

  • architectural services concerned with the design of the landscape. Landscape architectural services include the provision of designs and construction documents, plans, studies and other services related to specific landscape projects

The class includes these subclasses:

83231 Landscape architectural advisory services

This subclass includes:

  • provision of advice, studies and reports on landscape architecture matters
  • expert witness services in the field of landscape architecture consisting in the provision of testimony before a court or administrative body, by a witness who, by virtue of experience, training, skill or knowledge of landscape architecture, is recognized as being qualified to render an informed opinion on matters relating to that field or subject

This subclass does not include:

  • provision of advice, studies and reports on landscape architecture matters done in a bundle with other landscape architectural services for a specific project, cf. 83232

83232 Landscape architectural services

This subclass includes:

  • landscape architecture services for residential building projects:
    • single-family residential projects
    • multi-family residential projects
    • residential subdivision projects
  • landscape architecture services for non-residential building projects:
    • corporate building projects
    • hotels, convention centres, stadiums and arenas
    • educational building projects
    • health care, penal institutions
    • other non-residential building projects
  • landscape architecture services for recreational and open-space projects:
    • city centres and public squares
    • non-building recreational facilities, parks and natural areas
    • transportation corridors
    • resorts
    • other recreational and open space projects

This subclass also includes:

  • landscape architecture services related to:
    • preparing and modifying terrain such as land clearing and grading plans, drainage designs, erosion and sediment control designs, retaining wall designs, outdoor sprinkler system plans
    • facilitating access to a site such as lighting plans, signage plans, trail and path plans, accessibility designs

Product of: #isic7110 - Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
Coding hashtag: #cpc8323

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