Class 8322 - Urban and land planning services of Central Product Classification (CPC) Version 2.1 includes these subclasses:

83221 Urban planning services

This subclass includes:

  • development of plans concerning land use, site selection, control and utilization, road systems and servicing of land with a view to creating and maintaining systematic, coordinated urban development, such as:
    • comprehensive urban plans
    • community urban plans
    • element urban plans for specific amenities or objectives such as transportation, utilities, etc.
  • feasibility studies
  • studies of environmental impact and economic assessments of urban development plans
  • urban planning advisory services, such as:
    • expert witness, policy and programme evaluation

83222 Rural land planning services

This subclass includes:

  • development of plans that describe the long-term objectives of rural areas for the development of infrastructure, housing, industry, commercial, recreational and other facilities
  • comprehensive plans covering a large geographical area, for a lengthy time period

83223 Project site master planning services

This subclass includes:

  • providing plans for a construction site, showing the proposed location of buildings, roads, parking lots and other features, for:
    • residential building projects
    • non-residential building projects
    • recreational and open-space projects

Product of: #isic7110 - Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
Coding hashtag: #cpc8322

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