Class 8315 - Hosting and information technology (IT) infrastructure provisioning services of Central Product Classification (CPC) Version 2.1.

This class includes:

  • provision of information technology (IT) infrastructure (hardware, software and networks) to process data, host applications and host processes for a client

The class includes these subclasses:

83151 Website hosting services

This subclass includes:

  • provision of the infrastructure to host a customer's website and related files in a location that provides fast, reliable connection to the Internet that may be:
    • limited to storage on a single server, in either shared or dedicated capacity, without the service provider managing or integrating software applications (Software hosted on the server is the client's responsibility and service level guarantees are standardized and limited in scope)
    • a bundled service package that consists of the hosting and management of the website and related applications

Note: An important characteristic of this service is the promise of a secure and reliable site and Internet connections that can be quickly scaled to accommodate variations in traffic use. Frequently, consulting, customization and systems integration are part of the package. Applications are frequently e-commerce-related and enable on-line storefronts, shopping carts and catalogues with advanced and complex features such as order processing, fulfillment, procurement, invoicing, transaction processing, customer relations management and back-end database and data warehouse integration and migration services.

83152 Application service provisioning

This subclass includes:

  • provision of leased software applications from a centralized, hosted, and managed computing environment:
    • with integration to the systems and infrastructure of the client (Frequently, consulting, customization and systems integration services are bundled with the hosting and management of the application.)
    • where the leased application is not customized and not integrated with other applications of the client (The application is usually accessed over the Word Wide Web. A common example is office suite software applications.)

83159 Other hosting and IT infrastructure provisioning services

This subclass includes:

  • collocation services, i.e. the provision of rack space within a secured facility for the placement of servers and enterprise platforms (The service includes the space for the client's hardware and software, connection to the Internet or other communication networks, and routine monitoring of servers. Clients are responsible for the management of the operating system, hardware, and software.)
  • data storage services, i.e. managing or administrating the storage and back-up management of data such as remote back-up services, storage, or hierarchical storage management (migration)
  • data management services, i.e. on-going management and administration of data as an organizational resource (Services may include performing data modeling, data mobilization, data mapping/rationalization, data mining and system architecture.)
  • video and audio streaming services, i.e. sending audio and video data over the Internet or providing services associated with the storage, production (including encoding), and support of video and audio streaming over the Internet
  • other IT hosting or infrastructure provisioning services such as hosting client's application, processing client's data and computer time-share

Product of: #isic6311 - Data processing, hosting and related activities
Coding hashtag: #cpc8315

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