The decision constraints are the limitations on possible values of variables.

Decision constraints limit the freedom of a decision centre to select any arbitrary value for its decision variables.

Decision constraints are part of a decision frame.

The Constraint Dictionary includes and groups a number of frequently met constraints in accordance with social levels in a social architecture, and the Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG).

In the ArchiMate Framework a constraint is defined as a restriction on the way in which a system is realized.

This may be a restriction on the implementation of the system (e.g., specific technology that is to be used), or a restriction on the implementation process (e.g., time or budget constraints).

Category: Motivation Extension

Examples: "Application should be realised in Java", "Cost should be below budget", "iPad only version"

Typical Relationships: Composition, Aggregation, Specialisation, Influence

Source: Archimate 2.1 Chapter 2.7 Motivation Extension and Chapter 10; Archi - The Free ArchiMate Modelling Tool - Hint for the model element.

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