Section I.2 of Reconstructing Public Administration after Conflict: Challenges, Practices and Lessons Learned, World Public Sector Report 2010 (United Nations Public Administration Network, UNPAN)

A post-conflict country should be seen as lying somewhere along a continuum on each of these milestones, recognizing that it could sometimes move backwards. As long as a country does not slip back on too many of these milestones at once, it can reasonably be expected to continue towards recovery. The following are the most important peacebuilding milestones:

  • Ceasing hostilities and violence;
  • Signing of peace agreements;
  • Demobilization, disarmament and reintegration;
  • Return of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs);
  • Establishing the foundations for a functioning State;
  • Initiating reconciliation and societal integration; and
  • Commencing economic recovery. (UNDP 2008, p. xviii)

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