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Division 02 of International Standard Industrial Classifications of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Rev.4 includes the production of roundwood for the forest-based manufacturing industries (ISIC divisions 16 and 17) as well as the extraction and gathering of wild growing non-wood forest products. Besides the production of timber, forestry activities result in products that undergo little processing, such as fire wood, charcoal, wood chips and roundwood used in an unprocessed form (e.g. pit-props, pulpwood etc.). These activities can be carried out in natural or planted forests.

The division includes these groups and classes:

021 Silviculture and other forestry activities

See class 0210
#isic0210 - Silviculture and other forestry activities

022 Logging

See class 0220
#isic0220 - Logging

023 Gathering of non-wood forest products

See class 0230
#isic0230 - Gathering of non-wood forest products

024 Support services to forestry

See class 0240
#isic0240 - Support services to forestry

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