The IndEA Framework (#IndEA) comprises of a set of Reference Models, some of which are derived from established frameworks (such as Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework) while others have been developed by the IndEA Working Group. These are:

The Government enterprises (of India) – Ministries, States, Local Bodies and PSUs – can further develop these 8 Reference Models to create their own domain-specific architectures and implementation models.


The vision of IndEA is to enable ONE Government – a Government that is least visible but is most effective, a Government that is ‘not fragmented by narrow domestic walls’ but presents a single interface to the constituents, a Government that is citizen-centric, efficient, transparent and responsive. With this in view, IndEA suggests that significant further work be carried out in creating the functional, technological and organizational eco-systems based on the concept of ‘Virtualization of Departments’ as a possible way of bringing a better synergy across departments.

Source: The IndEA document at the India Enterprise Architecture (IndEA) website.

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