#WWlgu hashtags are systematically defined for local government units.

Depending on the country the local government units are for states, provinces, districts, counties, cities, municipalities, etc.

For most countries in the world, key #WWlgu hashtags are included in their Actor Atlas lgu page (lgu is the abbreviation for local government unit).

#WWlgu hashtags are constructed using the ISO country code in combination with numerical (sometimes alphanumerical) codes that are used by the country's National Statistical System.

Currently "complete" #WWlgu guides exist for :

The lgu-code, this is the local government unit code used in the #WWlgu hashtag, can also be combined with globally used hashtags to create local versions of those hashtags.

This is explained for #covid19 in #covid19lgu.

The same construction can also be applied to hashtags of the other topic dimensions such as the Sustainable development goals and targets, functions of government, economic activities or products and services.

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