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Techno Order

A business actor is defined as an entity that performs behaviour in an organisation such as business processes or functions.

Typically, a business actor performs the behaviour assigned to one or more business roles. It's important to separate the actor from the role because a business actor can perform more than one business role, and a business role can be performed by more than one business actor.

Business actors are humans, departments, and business units. They may be individuals or groups.

The name of a business actor should preferably be a noun.

Category: Business Layer and Active structure aspect

Examples: A Student, a Teacher, a Customer, Marketing & Communications department, Director of Finance, Secretary, Admissions department, Product Development, Students' Union.

Typical Relationships:

  • Assignment - business role
  • Flow - business actor

Source: Archi - The Free ArchiMate Modelling Tool - Hint for the model element.